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"YAMAGATA CRAFT FAIR" to Be Held in Paris from June 11 to 22, 2024

2024/6/10 14:16:52

YAMAGATA, Japan, June 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The Yamagata Prefectural Government will hold a "YAMAGATA CRAFT FAIR" at the select shop "Maison Wa sainte-anne" from June 11 to 22, displaying for sale more than 150 works made by artisans representing Yamagata, one of Japan's leading craft production areas. This will be the third year in a row since 2022 for Yamagata to hold such a trade fair in Paris.

"Hammered finish petit knife" from Shimada Blade Studio:

"Hidariuma NEO" good-luck item from Satou-Kougei Co., Ltd:

There will be a wide variety of items on display such as cutlery by Yamagata forged blades (known as Yamagata uchihamono), ceramics, silk fabrics, and woodworking products. Yamagata forged blades are said to have originated in 1356 when samurai lords brought blacksmiths to Yamagata, and their unique manufacturing methods and advanced techniques have been handed down to this day. Shimada Blade Studio (Shimada Hamono Seisakujyo), which produces Yamagata forged blades, will exhibit kitchen knives that combine hand-hammered blades with modern designed handles. Also, Sato Craft Workshop's (Satou-Kougei) "Hidariuma NEO" is a colorful modern painted version of shogi (Japanese chess) pieces, of which Yamagata Prefecture has the largest production volume in Japan. There will be many products that combine tradition with newness at the fair.

Yamagata is also planning to hold workshops. Please take this opportunity for hands-on experience of fine and high-quality products from Yamagata.

Outline of the event

  • Host: Yamagata Prefecture
  • Period: June 11 (Tuesday) to 22 (Saturday), 2024,
  • Maison Wa sainte-anne (12 Rue Sainte-Anne, 1er Arrondissement Paris, France)

Tasting Japanese sake (rice wine) using sake sets from Yamagata:
Date/time: June 13 (Thursday), 2024; 14:30-15:30
Image of Japanese sake:

Metal flower-making craft with artists from Yamagata:
Date/time: June 15 (Saturday), 2024; 15:00-15:40
Image of Metal flower:

About Yamagata Prefecture:

For reference, visit Maison Wa sainte-anne's Facebook page:
https://www.facebook.com/discoverjapanparis/ (French)

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No.688 Renmin Street,Liandou District,Lishui,Zhejiang